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About Bekka

About Bekka (Japanese language course in a college/univeristy for foreign students in Japan)

Bekka is an education institute for foreign students who wish to study at Nishi Nippon Junior College and other universities in Japan.
This course provides education on Japanese language and Japanese affairs necessary for studying at university.
It aims at developing human resources who can stand on the international point of view and contribute to international cultural exchange.
It’s organization and features are as the followings.

Features of Bekka

The features of Bekka are as the followings.

  1. The curriculum aims at obtaining Japanese language knowledge necessary for studying at university.
  2. Experienced teachers carry out detailed lessons.
  3. Students can concentrate on their studies under the residence status of Foreign students can use libraries, gymnasiums, and school infirmary in the same way as our college students.
  4. The campus is located in the center of Fukuoka City, an international city open to Asia, with easy access to major sightseeing spots such as Ohori Park, Nishi Park and Fukuoka Tower.
  5. Through exchanges with Japanese students and local communities, foreign students can improve their Japanese language skills and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

Teacher Organization

Chairperson of Bekka

Yuri Takamuku(高向 有理)

Vice-chairperson of Bekka

Mikika Takenouchi(竹之内 美樹香)


Bui Thi Thu Sang


Sachiko Hinooda(日小田 幸子)

Part-time teacher

14 teachers

Administrative staff

Student support office-International culture exchange and foreign student support section 4 staffs

Learning environment

1. Scholarship student system

Purpose:The aim of this scholarship is to motivate students in this course to study well.
Target persons:Applicants must meet the followings.

  1. A person who have difficulty in studying for financial reasons.
  2. A person who has outstanding academic results.
  3. A person who was recognized for extra curricular activities such as on campus events.

2. Benefits of going to Nishi-Nippon Junior College from Bekka

The benefits when going to Nishi-Nippon Junior College from Bekka are as the followings.

  1. We will exempt the amount equivalent to the entrance fee paid on Bekka enrollment (150,000 yen) from the tuition fee.
  2. There is a tuition fee reduction system but student need to apply to get examined.

3. Dormitory

We lease private apartments and use them as dormitory rooms. One or two student will live in a room.
However, depending on occupancy status, we may not be able to meet your request.



Floor map of the dormitory

Pick Up Curriculum

Individual Instruction

Japanese Conversation lesson for beginners

Intermediate Exam Preparation Lesson

Advanced Presentation lesson