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Paths after completing Bekka

Student’s paths after competing Bekka Japanese language course

Post-course Path


  • 西日本短期大学
  • 弘前大学
  • 長崎大学
  • 福岡女子大学
  • 北九州市立大学
  • 広島市立大学
  • 都留文科大学
  • 名古屋市立大学
  • 上智大学
  • 東洋大学
  • 日本大学
  • 明治学院大学
  • 文化学園大学
  • 東京工科大学
  • 嘉悦大学
  • 淑徳大学
  • 愛知大学
  • 龍谷大学
  • 大阪国際大学
  • 帝塚山大学
  • 福岡大学
  • 中村学園大学
  • 九州産業大学
  • 別府大学
  • 日本文理大学

Graduate schools

  • 九州工業大学情報工学府
  • 九州大学大学院医学系学府

Pre-Graduate schools (research students)

  • 九州大学理学府
  • 大阪大学産業科学府
  • 名古屋工業大学工学部
  • 広島大学工学研究科
  • 電気通信大学


  • (株)パワーホールディングス
  • 富士インターナショナル日本語学校
  • (株)曽根金属

Career status after graduation of students who went to Nishi Nippon Junior College from the Japanese Language Program


  • (公財)国際労務管理財団
  • 柴田産業(株)
  • (株)中園
  • (株)三和工業
  • (株)フードウエイ
  • (株)匠宮
  • (株)トコンタップ・ジャパン
  • 協同組合FUJI
  • (株)リソーマプラス
  • (株)SICホールディングス
  • 協同組合For you
  • ワークナイン(株)
  • 広島食品・工業協同組合
  • 博愛会
  • (福)桜花会 ライフケア大手門
  • (株)新希望 ケア・ラポート野間

OB・OG introduction

Hello! My name is Yu Xinguang. I was born in Nanjing, China. Currently, I am conducting a research on material at Waseda university graduate school. The environment at Nishitan was great so I could study Japanese and enjoyed life at the same time there. In the future, I would like to find a job in Japan and hope that I will be helpful in Japan.

Mr. Yu Xinguang

2016 graduates

Hello! My name is Do Thi Anh. I am from Vietnam. I am an employee. The most enjoyable thing during my college days was getting along well with students from other countries and exchanging our cultures with Japanese culture while holding events in Japan. From now on, I would like to become a bridge between Japanese society and Vietnamese society. And I would like to try harder from now on.

Ms. Do Thi Anh

2017 graduates

Hello! My name is Yuan Xintong. I am from Shanghai, China. I studied Japanese and prepared for university entrance exams at Bekka. At Bekka students can learn not only Japanese but also many useful things for university admission and job hunting. I passed the entrance exams at Nagasaki University which was my first choice so I am going to further study there after graduating Bekka. I am going to study environmental science at Nagasaki University. Since I specialize in environmental science; in the future, I would like to work at a publishing company to raise awareness about environmental problems.

Ms. Yuan Xintong

2020 graduates