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Japanese 1

Attainment target:JLPT N5 / CEFR A1

Subject Japanese 1 / Chinese character and word 1 / Japanese culture / Communication 1


  • You can read short sentences about your family and familiar topics.


  • Understand basic individual and family information and other topics that are directly connected to you such as shopping, neighborhood, work, etc.


  • You can give basic greetings and introduce yourself. You can easily express what you want and what you want to do.
  • You can explain briefly about your hobbies, life, family, etc.
  • You can speak while paying attention to Japanese accents and intonation.


  • You can write words using hiragana, katakana, and simple Chinese characters.
  • Students can write your name, nationality, address, school name, individual and family information
  • Write short sentences about daily life.

Japanese 2

Attainment target:JLPT N4 / CEFR A2

Subject Japanese2 / Writing 1 / Chinese character and word 2 / Communication 2 / Active learning 1


  • Students can read and understand basic vocabulary used in daily life and short sentences written in Chinese character.
  • Students can understand simple and short letters and emails.


  • In everyday situations, students can understand the contents of conversations that are spoken slowly.
  • Students can hear key points of how to use the machine and those of announcements.


  • Students can express your opinions and wishes and explain familiar topics.
  • Students can tell your opponent about what is not in front of you in simple and cohesive sentences.


  • Students can use vocabulary and Chinese character used in everyday life, connect short sentences and write diaries and explain familiar topics.
  • Students can write short personal messages such as postcards, letters, and emails.
  • Students can take notes of studying and communication items.
  • Students can input short sentences using hiragana, katakana, and Chinese character on your PC.

Japanese 3

Attainment target:JLPT N3 / CEFR A2~B1

Subject Japanese 3 / Chinese character and word 3 / Writing 2 / Conversation 1 / Japanese culture 1 / Exam preparation 1 / Exam preparation 2 / Communication 3


  • Students can understand and read simple sentences of a certain length.
  • Students can read familiar and understandable topics, essays, and novels.


  • Students can understand the important points of announcements at stations, department stores, schools, etc. in Japan.
  • Students can listen to the main points of the information from school and work that is necessary for them.


  • Students can properly answer questions from the person who asks a question.
  • Students can receive a request, ask for permission, invite, refuse, etc., and communicate appropriately according to the situation and the other party.


  • Students can write your opinion logically and reasonably using the right grammar.
  • Students can write an opinion on a topic, giving reasons for or against it.

Japanese 4

Attainment target:JLPT N2 / CEFR B1

Subject Japanese 4 / Writing 3 / Chinese character and word 4 / Conversation 2 / Japanese culture 2 / Exam preparation 3 / Exam preparation 4 / Communication 4 / Active learning 2
  • Students can speak and write using grammar appropriately, and can clearly articulate what they want to express.
  • Students can write a coherent sentence on a topic using appropriate grammar and conjunctions and paying attention to paragraphs.
  • Students can write letters and e-mails in consideration of the other party's position and feelings.
  • Students are able to share detailed information about what you have experienced, and the important events and things you are interested in.
  • Students can understand and read some coherent sentences.
  • Students can listen to Japanese at a natural speed and in a wider range of situations and you can carry out a polite conversation.
  • Students can emphasize the important points of what you know, elaborate on related matters, and explain your viewpoint clearly with justification.
  • Looking at graphs, etc., students can summarize what they have read, explain it verbally, or give their opinion about it.

Japanese 5

Attainment target:JLPT N2 / CEFR B2

Subject Japanese 5 / Essay 1 / Chinese character and word 5 / Conversation 3 / Grammar 1 / Listening comprehension 1 / Reading comprehension 1 / Communication 5
  • As long as students are given familiar topics and the direction of the talk is clearly indicated, they can understand long abstract stories.
  • Reading letters and emails from schools and part-time jobs, students can quickly grasp the main points. They can also search for the points in long sentences.
  • Students are able to talk clearly and in detail about their experiences and areas of interest.
  • Students can collectively evaluate various information and discussions on various topics of interest and write to some extent rationally.

Japanese 6

Attainment target:JLPT N1 / CEFR B2~C1

Subject Japanese 6 / Essay 2 / Chinese character and word 6 / Conversation 4 / Grammar 2 / Listening comprehension 2 / Reading comprehension 2 / Communication 6
  • Students can listen to university lectures and news and understand the overall content.
  • Even if it is a long and complex explanation, student can still understand by reading repeatedly. If they use a dictionary, they can understand most of the text.
  • Students can write a report by developing arguments and issues.
  • Students can express their thoughts and opinions accurately.
  • Students can understand honorifics well and speak while taking into account the other person's position and feelings.
  • Students can speak with emotional expressions, indirect suggestions, and humor.

Class schedule (ex. Beginner Course)

Time and Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00~10:30 Japanese affairs Japanese Writing Listening comprehension Chinese character and word
10:40~12:10 Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Communication
13:00~14:30 Carrear support Japanese culture Conversation Japanese Japanese